Discover Moorea’s beaches!

Spending a few days on the island and want to discover Moorea's finest beaches?

Each side of the island has its own stretch of public coastline.

Here are the top 3 beaches to discover on the sister island:

Ta'ahiamanu beach
Temae beach
Tiahura beach

Ta'ahiamanu beach

To the north, at the entrance to Opunohu Bay, you'll be blown away by the setting of Ta'ahiamanu beach, also known as Mareto beach, named after the former janitor. Fine sand, long coconut palms and a spectacular mountain backdrop...

The beach evolves throughout the year according to the currents and changing swell. Many shady spots are available, but at the end of the day you'll appreciate the setting sun that floods the beach with its golden light.

Picnic tables and showers are available on the beach, as are sanitary facilities in the parking lot.

Snorkeling is popular here, but the channel is not far from the swimming area: beware of boat and jetski traffic.

Please note that the mountain-side parking lot closes in the early evening!

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Temae beach

To the east, you'll be dazzled by the expanse of the turquoise lagoon at Temae beach, one of Moorea's most beautiful beaches. A veritable natural swimming pool awaits you.

Behind the beach is a vast coconut grove where you can bask in the sun, but don't expect to enjoy the shade of a well-stocked coconut tree!

Showers and sanitary facilities are available at the northern end of the beach.

And if you're wondering where to go snorkeling in Moorea, this is the place. The snorkeling is extraordinary the closer you get to the reef, but beware of the currents.

Guided snorkeling tours depart from here at dusk. An exceptional experience for nature lovers.

Tiahura beach

To the west, discover Tiahura beach on one of the former portions of Club Med Moorea, which closed many years ago.

You'll be facing the famous motu (islets), in a breathtaking setting. The bathing area is shallow, but snorkeling is possible if you move away from the shore.

The vast back beach is ideal for picnics and beach games. A number of tables with views are available, as is a sanitary block with showers and toilets.

The guarded parking lot closes at night.

A few snack bars are located not far from the beach for a quick lunch.

Enjoy Moorea's beaches now!

Each of these beaches is unique, and you can enjoy a fascinating environment. You're sure to fall under the spell of Moorea's beaches.

After a beautiful day of lagoon and white sand, all you have to do is enjoy a magnificent sunset at the Cook's Bay restaurant, with its breathtaking view over Paopao Bay.

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