The best hikes of Moorea

Moorea, a beautiful island in French Polynesia, offers a variety of hiking opportunities that allow you to explore its lush landscapes and enjoy stunning views. While “best” can be subjective and depends on your preferences and fitness level, one of the most popular and highly recommended hikes on Moorea is the Belvedere Lookout hike. Here are the details:

Belvedere Lookout Hike:

  • Location: The trailhead is located on the island’s central mountain road, which is easily accessible from many parts of Moorea.
  • Distance: The hike is relatively short, typically taking around 1-2 hours round trip.
  • Difficulty: It’s a moderate hike with some steep sections, so it’s suitable for most hikers with a reasonable level of fitness.
  • Scenery: The highlight of this hike is the spectacular panoramic view you’ll get from the Belvedere Lookout. You’ll see Opunohu Bay, Cook’s Bay, and the lush green valleys below. It’s especially stunning during sunrise or sunset.


Besides the Belvedere Lookout hike, you can explore other trails and activities on Moorea based on your interests and fitness level. Some other popular options include:

  1. Three Coconuts Pass: This is a more challenging hike that takes you through lush jungle and offers great views of Moorea’s interior.
  2. Mount Rotui Trail: For experienced hikers, this trail takes you to the summit of Mount Rotui, the highest peak on the island. It’s a strenuous hike but offers incredible views.
  3. Opunohu Valley Hike: This is a relatively easy and picturesque walk through Opunohu Valley, where you can enjoy the lush tropical scenery.
  4. Shark and Ray Feeding Excursions: While not a traditional hike, you can also explore the underwater world of Moorea by taking guided excursions to swim with sharks and rays.

Remember to check the current trail conditions and get information from local sources or tour operators before embarking on any hike, as conditions can change. Additionally, consider your fitness level and any safety precautions necessary for the specific trail you choose.


You can reach the trails with a rental car, electric or mechanic bikes or with a Hello Scoot (platform available on-property).